Recorded at the For Old Missouri Podcast Studio in downtown Columbia, For Old Missouri is a show for Missouri sports fans. The big four topics are Mizzou, the Kansas City Chiefs, the St. Louis Cardinals, and the Kansas City Royals, but anything people in this area care about is fair game. 


One thing that separates For Old Missouri from other sports shows is a focus on the past, in addition to modern Missouri moments. Hence, the “Old” part of the title. Our “Flashbacks” provide a running commentary on the most memorable moments, for better and for worse, in Missouri sports history. 


My name is John Miller, the host of For Old Missouri. Other than two years in Chicago and a summer in New York City, I’ve lived exclusively in Boone County. I know what Missouri sports fans care about because I am one. 

This is a photo of my grandfather, mother, and father circa 1980, in the same Memorial Stadium seats my family occupies for every Mizzou football home game to this day. 

My first vivid sports memory is being a confused 7-year-old leaving “The Fifth Down Game”. As an only child living in the country, my childhood revolved around sports. If I wasn’t shooting hoops, I was probably watching “SportsCenter” or outmaneuvering much older people in fantasy sports on an AOL dialup connection. 


Eventually, I started thinking about covering sports professionally. In high school, my newspaper teacher, Mrs. Pratt, gave me the columnist position, as well as a liberating amount of creative freedom. I will always be grateful to Mrs. Pratt for taking a chance on me. 


Because I was interested in journalism, attending the University of Missouri-Columbia was a natural decision, and I graduated in 2005. At the Columbia Missourian, I was a beat reporter, copy editor, and for one semester, the weekly sports columnist. But while I had a great experience at the Missourian, I never had the creative freedom that I wanted. Frankly, I wanted to write about Mizzou football most weeks (it was the fall semester), but my editors had other ideas. 


When winter semester came along, with just a few months until graduation, suddenly, I had a brand-new fascination with the stock market. After a rather brief stint at the Columbia Daily Tribune (which included covering Chase Daniel’s first start) in 2006, I took a shot at a new career. Long story short, I got a job trading on the Chicago Board of Trade floor, and professionally, I never looked back. 


My time in Chicago is also when I fell in love with podcasts as a medium. The creative freedom podcasting provides, in terms of content, length, and language, is something I find exhilarating. 


While some would now consider me a stock expert, for the majority of my life, I could not have told you the first thing about the stock market. Things change, and life comes at you fast, as the kids like to say. But some things have not changed, and a big part of me is still that kid who loves playing and watching games more than anything on the planet. And I still love expressing my opinions with absolute creative freedom, and For Old Missouri lets me do just that. 


I currently reside in Columbia with my wife, Melissa, and our dogs, Porter and Baxter. 

Thanks for listening! It means the world to me. If you like the show, please share it with a friend. Also, subscribe, rate, and write a quick review on your favorite app. It really does help spread the show to new listeners.

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